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Human Capital Systems, Analytics, and Data Mining, reviewed – Irish Tech News

By @SimonCocking review of Human Capital Systems, Analytics, and Data Mining, 

Human Capital Systems, Analytics, and Data Mining provides human capital professionals, researchers, and students with a comprehensive and portable guide to human capital systems, analytics and data mining. The main purpose of this book is to provide a rich tool set of methods and tutorials for Human Capital Management Systems (HCMS) database modeling, analytics, interactive dashboards, and data mining that is independent of any human capital software vendor offerings and is equally usable and portable among both commercial and internally developed HCMS.

Author Robert Hughes has said, “The book was written with Human Capital Management (HCM) Practitioners, Researchers and College students in mind.  Software Tools used in the Text are generally cost free (Developer version of SQL Server, Visual Studio Community Edition with SQL Server Multidimensional Database Analytical Services, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler and Power BI Desktop).  Data Modeling of HCM SQL and Multi-Dimensional Databases, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Tools, Excel Pivot Tables, Interactive Dashboards and Data Mining are mostly handled through Tutorials many of which include coverage of my Original Research in the areas of Gender Based Pay Equity and Compensation Planning.  Compensation Databases, Research and Analytics are covered in-depth which include an entire chapter using the U.S. Office of Personnel Management Fedscope (Federal Human Resources Data OLAP Database web site) with the Fedscope online OLAP Database Viewing Tools.”

Use the data, or ignore it at your peril. In the times we now live in, no company is without relevant, useful, actionable data on how we are performing, our staff, our suppliers, and many many more aspects of our businesses. If you don’t effectively monitor, analyse and interpret this data, then you are leaving yourself open to being overtaken by your rivals, who, you can be sure, are doing exactly this.

This book thoroughly and methodically takes you through a series of ways in which you can, and should be using this data to your advantage. We’ve heard all the cliches and truisms about data being the new oil, but unless you know how to use it, then it could just be a meaningless pool of ones and zeroes to you. With a series of comprehensive and informative screenshots this book takes you through many areas in which the data can provide invaluable insights. It will be interesting to see if they decide to release video tutorials to accompany this book and the various chapters that they cover.

This book seems to be a clear example that data analysts are becoming more and more important as so much of our working lives becomes digitised and leaving a digital footprint. A useful tool for those working at the coalface in this sector.

More information about the book below =>

The book begins with an overview of HCMS, including coverage of human resource systems history and current HCMS Computing Environments. It next explores relational and dimensional database management concepts and principles. HCMS Instructional databases developed by the Author for use in Graduate Level HCMS and Compensation Courses are used for database modeling and dashboard design exercises.

Exciting knowledge discovery and research Tutorials and Exercises using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and data mining tools through replication of actual original pay equity research by the author are included. New findings concerning Gender Based Pay Equity Research through the lens Comparable Worth and Occupational Mobility are covered extensively in Human Capital Metrics, Analytics and Data Mining Chapters.

Human Capital Systems, Analytics, and Data Mining features tutorials which include replication of actual original research conducted by the author, Robert Hughes, in gender-based pay equity and occupational mobility research with important new findings.

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