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Dead Air? Play some Michael Jackson – Irish Tech News

It’s been a very strange week. For one, my terrestrial radio show on Saturday morning had a bit of a bump. Our very lovely sound engineer slept in – wholly out of character – but the producer and I and three guests were all chatting away in the rain for fifteen minutes – after the show should have started. The station has an automatic device which senses dead air and starts playing music after 30 seconds or so. Next minute a taxi screeches to a halt by the station door, out tumbles our lovely but dishevelled sound engineer, and we all rush the door. Of an hour long show we lost our first guest and fifteen minutes and as a result I have never known a show go so fast! Then the final guest was supposed to be on the telephone and the producer could not get through – in a last minute switch the producer jumped into the interviewee chair and I interviewed her instead about Mental Health Week in relation to the young.

Afterwards we all laughed. After all there was nothing that could be done while we were locked outside. And we were able to make the switch for the last guest. It was timely as the first guest was going to speak about Mental Health. HOWEVER, and this is funny, had we not had a natural linkup with my producer – who has an ED and is a public advocate for EDs – I had another plan up my sleeve.

I had intended to spend the last seven minutes of so talking about Blockhchain. During the last ad break while my producer tried to reach the guest I was scribbling down notes of what I wanted to say – not that I needed to write notes but I only had seven minutes and I wanted to make them count.

In the end I did not get to jump onto my Blockchain but I will one day. The owner of the station arrived in shortly afterwards and I got to pigeonhole him good about blockchain. He won’t get those ten minutes of his life back again – just kidding he was interested. I could tell as when I released him from my throat choke he only ran away when he got his breath back.

So back to the Crypto Divas – we were late this week cos Liina was tied up Sunday and I was tied up yesterday and we were only free today.

While we did our videoing Liina’s lovely dog Moon made some very special guest appearances. I kept on saying how handsome he was until Liina very kindly pointed out he was in fact a she. Oh well, handsome she is as handsome does.

Until next week – a very crypto week to ya all!

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