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24 Weird Bitcoin Facts and Figures – Irish Tech News

You have no doubt heard of the most famous cryptocurrency, “Bitcoin”. But were you aware of all the mysteries, conspiracies, and heartbreaking losses of Bitcoin...
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What to think about when choosing call centre software – Irish Tech News

by Apoorv Bhatnagar A brilliant product or service alone will no longer guarantee a business’ success. Customer experience trumps everything when it comes to what...
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Jason Meyers, founder of Auditchain – Irish Tech News

What makes an enterprise?It depends on the kind of enterprise. If an enterprise accepts outside contributions it must publish its financial and operating condition. I...
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Amazon’s Blended Bookstore – Brick & Mortar Meets Online as Amazon Keeps Pioneering – Irish Tech News

In New York, there are now two full-fledged Amazon Books stores, both of which were opened in 2017. I visited both sites, one at the Time Warner...