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Anubi joins our team to drive Sidera toward the reality of decentralization – Irish Tech News

Cyber Security Engineer and Ethical Hacker for the UN, Anubi’s profile speaks for itself

One of the greatest characters in IT joins our team as an added value

In fact, we have always aimed at the safety of Crypto.

Anubi has joined our project from the beginning as a technical-IT consultant that shows its interest in Smartbit and the philosophy of Sidera that will make the cryptocurrency a product of common use on a global scale.

Anubi has always shared the philosophy of decentralization. Decentralization is the element that marks the difference between the cryptocurrency currency and the FIAT currency, making the cryptocurrency free of obligations imposed by third parties.

However, Sidera has never been against centralization. Sidera is only against the way centralization is sometimes managed.

The creation of virtual currencies stems from the need to solve this problem and to free a legitimate right for everyone, including in the financial field. Thus, many counter-flow realities have arisen within the movement.

In this case, Anubi is the right person to sit next to the other co-founders of the project and drive eQUOS and the team to a safe haven.

Counting with 12 years of experience in the field of security in RSA Security and Fortinet, his passion for Blockchain and his worldwide fame, make Anubi the perfect player for Sidera.

It is the last piece of a constantly evolving puzzle, ready to embrace a universe of new possibilities.

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